Robert M. Pyles

Welcome to the website of Robert M. Pyles (RMP) Elementary School! Our school opened in 1958 and is named for a career oil man who dedicated much of his life to supporting and nurturing the development of boys and girls through youth clubs and the currently operational R.M. Pyles Boys Camp located in the High Sierras. Robert M. Pyles was a kind man who continually demonstrated genuine concern for others. Currently, we serve a diverse population of approximately 800 students and their families.

We are very proud of our school and staff. Our talented teachers have met California Teaching Criteria and are considered "highly qualified". To support students who are learning English, we have a team of dedicated bilingual Para-Educators who work with individuals and small groups. We strive for excellence in all that we do! Teachers use research based "best practices" to meet the rigor of the California Standards. Teachers are also supported by our ambitious and energetic Instructional Practices Coach and English Learner Coach. Through the Panther Tutoring Program (PTP), we offer before and after-school intervention for students needing additional support in Language Arts and Mathematics.

Exemplary behavior and good character is expected each and every day at RMP! In order to achieve this goal, we follow our Panther P.A.W.S. rules. P - Proud, A - Always respectful, W - Working hard, S - Safe. Students who demonstrate excellent Panther behavior are rewarded with Panther PAWS tickets which are used for a weekly raffle for prizes donated by the local business and community members.

We are pleased to have the support of our parents who are involved in their children's education via participation in committees such as PTA, School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). Additionally, families attend monthly recognition assemblies, grade level performances and family literacy and math nights. Finally, we enjoy a strong partnership with the City of Stanton and local businesses.

On behalf of the students and staff of Robert M. Pyles Elementary School, you are cordially invited to attend an activity or performance held on our campus. Come visit "RMP, Home of the Panthers," so that you can fully appreciate all of the learning taking place here each and every day - you will be glad you did!

Record-Breaking AR Year at Pyles School

This school year the students at Robert M. Pyles School read 106,676 books and 258,375,778 words! A culture of literacy has been created at Robert M. Pyles School with students motivated to read, surpassing all previous reading records!  Students read books every day and they took and successfully passed Accelerated Reader (AR) comprehension quizzes!

 In Kindergarten, students read 261 books and over 61 thousand words. In 1st. grade, students read over 38 thousand books and over 17 million words. In 2nd grade students read over 30 thousand books and over 20 million words. In 3rd Grade students read over 16 thousand books and over 32 million words. In 4th grade students read over 12 thousand books and over 42 million words. In 5th Grade students read over 12 thousand books and over 74 million words. In 6th Grade students read over 7 thousand books and over 70 million words. In Mrs. Arnold’s SDC class, students read over 2 thousand books and over 2 million words.

In order to have a variety of reading materials, students exchanged their Pyles Library books at recess time, borrowed books from teachers across grade levels, and checked out books from local public libraries. Students were able to take AR comprehension quizzes in their classrooms and in the computer lab before school and during recess. Along with teachers, staff, and parents, all Pyles’ students motivated their fellow classmates to read. Students were given the AR STAR test to establish baseline-reading levels at the start of the academic year and at the close of each trimester.  Students were then locked into reading books at their reading level to ensure optimal growth in reading.

This year 382 students earned their 100 Point AR T-shirt, surpassing last year’s total. All students did an amazing job reading but stand-out students include Jocelyn Jaime, a Kindergartener who read 228 books and earned 102.2 AR points! In 1st Grade stand-out students include Lysander Hernandez, who read 1186 books and earned 624.9 AR Points, and Minh Cam, who read 995 books and earned 507.6 AR points. In 4th Grade Minquan Pham read 149 chapter books and earned 668 AR points. In 6th Grade Aryana Garcia read 82 chapter books and earned 547 AR points, and Brian K. Chiem read 76 chapter books and earned 510.6 AR points.

To reward students for meeting and exceeding their reading goals students received Pyles AR Brag tags, 100 Point AR t-shirts, 500 Point Trophies and invitations to exclusive events, such as Principal on the Roof Read Aloud and a SLIME Event! If students surpassed all previous reading records Mrs. Breese, Robert M. Pyles’ School Principal, promised the students that she would get slimed at the end of the 3rd trimester. True to her word she did! On June 1st, in front of the entire student body, staff, and parents, Mrs. Breese kept her word and was slimed! Now that students are hooked on reading and reading expectations have soared, it will be exciting to see the reading possibilities for next academic year as Robert M. Pyles School becomes Robert M. Pyles STEM Academy.

Geniuses at Work at Pyles School

Mrs. Katie Ghrist's 5th grade GATE class has been spending one hour per week researching topics of their own interest using Google's Genius Hour program. After extensive research, students planned multi media presentations, and practiced effective delivery techniques. On Friday, December 11th, all 5th grade students and the 4th grade GATE class assembled to learn about their fascinating research. Topics included why chips are so addicting (fat and crunch factors), a demonstration of baking soda and vinegar blowing up a balloon, and the composition of atoms. Congratulations to our young scholars...thanks to their learning, we have all learned too!